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At Curbside Clips Mobile Pet Grooming Spa all bathing is done with fresh water only. There is no re-use of water or recirculating pumps used during the bathing process. The water is always heated to ensure comfort and relaxation for your pet. We use pulsating water to massage tired muscles and rejuvenate skin as well as to remove debris from the animal’s coat. Shampoo and conditioner are then hand massaged into your pet’s coat to relax and work the products.

All shampoos and conditioners that we use are natural products. We also ensure that an accurate shampoo and conditioner to water ratio is used, as well as the chemically balanced treatment vital to maintaining a healthy coat for your dog or cat. Finally we then give your pet the proper rinse it requires for the best grooming results. A wide range of shampoos, conditioners and dips are available upon request. Your groomer will discuss your pet’s unique needs and requirements before beginning.

Most products we use are from Kelco Industries, although a few products may differ.

The pet cleaning services we provide consists of:

  • dog bath / dog cleaning / dog wash and grooming – all sizes and all breeds
  • cat bath and grooming / cat cleaning – all sizes and breeds

Owners are free to provide their own shampoos if they desire, however Curbside Clips cannot assume responsibility for the results of those individual products.

How do we protect your pets ears during their cleaning?

All pet’s ears are filled with cotton to ensure that water does not enter their ear canal during the cleaning process. The cotton also helps reduce the sound of our dryers. Finally after your pet has been bathed and dried the cotton is then removed from your pet’s ears.


At Curbside Clips Mobile Pet Grooming Spa all breeds are high velocity dried, never cage dried. The reason why hand drying your pet is important is so that we can thoroughly check the coat and skin condition during the drying process. Drying separates the coat as it passes over the entire body. In both grooming dogs or cats drying in this manner also greatly improves the final cut and finishing of the animal leaving the coat full of body.

Some breeds naturally have more sensitivity in their ears than others. Due to this sensitivity, their ears and/or certain locations on their head may not be fully dried. Some cats cannot handle being fully dried and are individually assessed by the groomer.

Breeds that are long coated, thick coated, or are larger generally take longer to dry. This will be reflected in the pricing as we charge by the amount of time we spend with your pet. Please make note of this if you choose to lengthen your pet’s haircut from your previous chosen styles.

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