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Dog and Cat Ear Cleaning

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At Curbside Clips Mobile Pet Grooming Spa all regular grooms include ear cleaning. This is done with ear cleanser and cotton swabbing.

Ear cleaning is an important process for your pet because it helps to keep debris out of your dog or cat’s ear. Ear cleaning also helps aid in preventing ear infections or blocked ears. Wax can harden the mat and thus reduce the airflow; thereby, increasing heat and bacteria growth leading to ear infections.

If your pet’s ears are infected, prone to ear infections, or are blocked, your groomer will bring this to your attention. You may need to follow up with subsequent pet cleaning at home. Your pet’s ears may be sensitive and may require veterinarian attention. Your groomer will advise you.

If you do not wish to have your pet’s ears cleaned then please inform your groomer.

All regular grooms include:

  • bathing using a standard shampoo
  • drying
  • ear cleaning
  • nail clipping
  • pad hair removal
  • brushing
  • combing
  • clipping
  • tiding

Note: Anal glands are checked if your pet is less than 30 Lbs.

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