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At Curbside Clips Mobile Pet Grooming Spa your pet’s nails will always be clipped with every groom. Cats are also included. Nail clipping should be done every 6-8 weeks for the average dog or cat. We trim all nails as close to the quick inside the nail as possible. When it comes to nail clipping for dogs or cats, every pet’s length is different; some pets may have very long quick’s due to irregular wearing, or grooming and maintenance. We will not purposely clip your pet’s nails past this point.

Some pets wear their nails down on concrete or pavement and may require less nail trimming, in these situations these individual nails will often be excluded from trimming.

If it is common for your pet’s nails to bleed after grooming, please advise your groomer before they start.

Your pet’s quick’s may be difficult to see inside the nail. In this event, the groomer will leave them slightly longer to accommodate for this.

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