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Understanding Mobile Pet Grooming

Mobile pet grooming offers the unique opportunity in having someone come to your home to groom your pet.

The grooming services are provided inside the grooming unit either in your driveway or on your curbside. This includes bathing, drying, and hair cutting (pet clippers) without the discomfort of having to visit a traditional grooming shop.

Our grooming unit features large windows that give your pet the opportunity to look outside and view their home. This also allows the owner to view their dog or cat throughout the grooming process.

Your pet receives one-on-one attention with the same groomer throughout the entire pet grooming session. Each dog or cat is immediately groomed rather than shuffled back and forth between a cage, table, and groomer. Your pet’s will not be unattended or caged at any time and will be dried by hand at the end of their groom. Upon service completion your pet is returned to the house immediately.

How long does Curbside Clips Mobile Pet Grooming Spa take for grooming dogs or cats?

The grooming process usually takes only 1 hour for small to medium sized pet’s, or 2 hours for larger breeds or pet’s receiving additional specialty treatments.

Many owners are unaware of the routine of a regular pet grooming shop. In a regular pet grooming shop animals are typically placed in a cage for 4 to 8 hours where they are surrounded by barking dogs, numerous loud cage dryers, ringing phones, and many groomers competing for space. This can be very unsettling for your dog or cat. Usually when your pet finally gets out of the cage they are bathed by a “bather” and only slightly dried. Then they are returned to their cage and left to cage dry for a period of time. At this point the finishing groomer, often different from a “bather”, will then brush, comb, and trim/cut the pet’s hair. The pet is then returned to its cage once again until the owner picks up their pet. The mobile spa is significantly less stressful for your pet both time wise and in its actual experience.

Curbside Clips Mobile Pet Grooming Spa gives you the advantage of not having to drive, no mess or car sickness, and no stressed pet’s in your vehicle. The one-to-one environment is ideal for the following situations:

  • dog grooming services – for nervous dogs that are aggressive in close proximity to other dogs we provide a safe and close to home environment
  • cat grooming services – for nervous felines where they may benefit from being close to home and not having to be caged, this also reduces their interaction with unfamiliar animals improving their overall grooming experience
  • pet’s with physical limitations – a safe and warm environment to provide them with an excellent grooming experience
  • pet owner benefits – for owners who are either very busy, have disabilities, or are elderly can have our pet grooming services conveniently delivered directly to their door

Once the groomer and pet are familiar with each other the owner does not have to be home for their pet to be groomed. Many owners will have their pet groomed while they are at work and return home to a clean and happy pet.

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