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Curbside Clips Mobile Pet Grooming Spa offers additional specialty services for your dog and cat. These mobile grooming services are as follows:

  • Anal gland – checking and expressing
  • Pads – checking / cleaning
  • Standard Grooming
  • Follow-up Programs

Anal Glands

With every mobile pet grooming visit, Curbside Clips automatically checks anal glands for pets less than 30 lbs. Anal glands for larger breeds and pets over 30 lbs are not routinely checked. If the pet owner would like the anal glands checked they should request this from the groomer. Your groomer will let you know if there are any concerns.

Please inform your groomer if your dog  is “dragging” their behind on the ground excessively, as this is an indication of needing the anal glands depressed.

If your pet has issues or chronic anal gland problems Curbside Clips will not assume responsibility and would rather refer you to your vets.

If you do not wish to have your pet’s anal glands depressed, please inform your groomer before your dog is groomed.


As part of Curbside Clips mobile pet grooming services, the hair between your dogs pads are clipped out to prevent matting and debris from getting stuck to their paws. Removing the hair also increases airflow to the skin, which prevents them from becoming inflamed, moist, and sometimes raw. Removing the hair can improve surface traction as well.For cats trimming the pad hair may also reduce cat litter build up from clumping on the excess hair.

Standard Grooming

Curbside Clips standard grooming services consists of bathing, using standard shampoo, drying, nail trimming, pad cleaning, ear cleaning, anal glands (for breeds under 30 lbs.), and a choice of clipping, tidying or combing out.

Follow-Up Programs

Curbside Clips continues their exceptional mobile pet grooming services even after grooming your dog or cat. Our follow-up program enables clients to receive a phone call within an allotted amount of time to book your pet’s next grooming appointment. This ensures the quality and maintenance your pet deserves without the stress of remembering when your pet’s last appointment was.

Follow up calls occur one week prior to the due date. The pet follow-up visit can be adjusted to suite busy schedules upon request.

Your groomer will discuss the Follow-up Program along with any recommendations based on the needs of you and your pet upon completion of your visit.

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